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OT Winter Club

Welcome to the OT Winter Club, an integrated alternative approach where players can balance individual sports development with their educational needs. Daily programming Monday - Thursday provides athletes a variety of training atmospheres both on-ice with skills game situations and off-ice strength, mobility and conditioning allowing players the ability to maximize their schedule.

With the addition of "The Pond", our '600sq ft synthetic ice training pad, players and coaches are allowed to replicate an on-ice environment in an isolated area. Because of this, we focus on specific skills while individualizing the training with smaller groups for more repetitions to optimize learning and retention.

As an independent brand, OT Hockey offers training to players from all association and opportunity to participate in the Winter Club pending application and acceptance. The WC is not associated or partnered with any brick and mortar school, virtual learning or any other online programming. Players must enroll in an educational option that is best suitable for their academic success; it is the responsibility of each family to maintain the educational requirements and standards needed to graduate each year. 

 Training Facilities 

  3PI Performance 

PTA Levels.jpeg
PTA DR Training.jpeg
PTA Entrance.jpeg
PTA Downstairs.jpeg


URC Arena Pano.jpeg
URC Arena Outside.jpeg


7 Months

4 Days /Week

4 hrs Professional Training /Day

1.25 hrs On-Ice Daily


The WC has a room for each player to store daily items in there stall. Players can access their personal items in the morning, during transition times and at the end of the day.

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